Random Poetry 


"Wings have been formed for me,

To fly above the tallest trees.

A heart once broken to pieces,

Has been put back together;

and its strength increases.

She never had that chance,

To break free.

To be crazy.

To dance.

Fate is a word,

Hard to believe.

I promise, my love,

I will never leave.

The sun is more bright,

While the universe is endless.

I have you in plain sight. 

A puzzle is formed,

With pieces of two.

I will fight any battle, 

Because God has led me to you. 

I have a pulse, faster than most. 

I no longer feel, like an unnoticed dose. 

My cat sits, and waits. 

Crying for you.

I feel her pain.

I miss you too.

The past was in disguise,

Filled with sorrow.

Love doesn't have to wait,

Till the unknown future of tomorrow."


"Realization endlessly is given. 

But a mind willingly will allow, 

growing within. 

strengthening your guidance,

faithful intake.

it is simply an act of love. 

an act of concern to the heart.

bypassing an important thought, 

often occurs. 

but realization conquers.

a follower and child,

inside and out. will." -shem


"some people do not get to experience life with such color and passion and love. some people are dense and small and fearful their whole lives." -Patrick

"the water running over my skin,

feels as if I don't deserve this privilege." -shem




"your lips, with a kiss so sweet, a feeling so soft. 

I long for those moments, when my heart is filled with warmth. 

your touch, so secure, never wanting you to let go. 

an intimate embrace, or my hand safely in yours. 

my life has changed starting two summers ago.

blown away, in a matter of days, I fell for you. 

your look, filling my stomach with butterflies, 

leaves me speechless. 

your gaze, as if I was your princess, finally found. 

down the road, our love was lost. 

your thoughts, unfortunately changed. 

but so did mine. 

a fact I know, my love for you stands. 

I hope one day soon, again we will be hand in hand." -Shem

"its hard to wrap my mind around your careless thoughts. 

Just put your arms around me, tell me everything is okay." -shem